25 Reasons to love South Africa

I know this is ancient news but many non South Africans won’t have been exposed to the Nando’s #25Reasons Ad campaign I have only just stumbled upon myself. It gives a humorous insight into life in South Africa, I thought you might enjoy…

#2 We love our National Anthem

#9 We have great Athletes

#15 We still tell stories around the camp fire

#24 We are so close to Europe

I originally thought all 25 would be available. Maybe I’ll get round to sharing the others, maybe I won’t. Have you experienced South Africa before? What would you add to the list?

10 questions about Cameron’s ‘new’ porn-blocking

Paul Bernal's Blog

There’s been a bit of a media onslaught from David Cameron about his ‘war on porn’ over the weekend. Some of the messages given out have been very welcome – but some are contradictory and others make very little sense when examined closely. The latest pronouncement, as presented to/by the BBC, says

“Online pornography to be blocked automatically, PM announces”

The overall thrust seem to be that, as Cameron is going to put in a speech:

“Every household in the UK is to have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it.”

So is this the ‘opt-in to porn’ idea that the government has been pushing for the last couple of years? The BBC page seems to suggest so. It suggests that all new customers to ISPs will have their ‘porn-filters’ turned on by default, so will have to actively choose to turn them off –…

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RIP Zach Sobiech

“It’s really simple actually. It’s just, try and make people happy. Maybe you have to learn with time. Maybe you have to learn it the hard way. But as long as you learn it, you’re going to make the world a better place.” – Zach Sobiech

From his documentary, My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech

A Random Memory from South Africa

I found this elsewhere on the internet, written by me in 2007. Excuse the poor quality. I think I’ve improved a little since then!

I remember one time in SA (danny!!!) We have microvan taxi’s which cram about 30people in a 10seater and I once had a bad experience with one. Was wit my friend and needed to get somewhere desperately. Decided to take a taxi – they lied and said they could take us somewhere but it was off their route and it was getting dark (ie If u are outside in a bad area like Cape Town Central U get stabbed for your money!)
The taxi then gave us the option to wait in the dusk at Cape Town station or pay 10times the usual fee to get where we wanted to be “off-duty”.
We were forced to play by their blackmail and then they proceded to smoke weed in the car while taking dangerous u turns in dangerous traffic at dangerous speeds!
But I survived and I have a story to tell so I guess it was worth it!!
Hows that for public transport!!!?

I Am an Internet Addict

This is an introduction to a topic I’ll probably write about in the future so follow this category if you want to keep updated (or subscribe via RSSor email). I’ll keep this post short and sweet since it’s actually quite ironic how I’m spending time on the internet right now talking about this! I just feel that putting it out there will give me the necessary pressure to follow through with my plans.

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MATLAB all the way baby!


Computer program reveals invisible motion in video



Pity I don’t have any money to withdraw! ie. I have a bunch of ‘interest-free’ loans to my name as a student. I wonder how that affects me if a similar thing happens in the UK…?


English: Various Euro bills.

Over the last few years political and financial leaders in Europe and the United States have implemented policies, regulations and bailouts costing global taxpayers trillions of dollars with the promise that these measures would lead to economic growth and recovery.

What happened in Europe today is yet further proof that nothing they’ve done has fixed the underlying fundamental issues surrounding the events that led to the crash of 2008.

For those who don’t believe the government is prepared to take extreme measures that may include the seizing of retirement accounts, cash savings or even gold, look no further than Cyprus, the latest recipient of bank bailouts.

As of right now, citizens of Cyprus are scrambling to withdraw funds from their bank accounts after the EU, with agreement from the Cypriot government, announced they will decimate funds held in personal bank accounts to the tune of up to…

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Welcome to my New Blog

This post is a bit late since I moved over to this new domain name a few days now. I have also updated my About section and the overall layout of the page. It would mean a lot to me if you gave me some feedback (I also check everyone’s blog who interact with mine).

Entertaining Babies

One of the blogs I am following posted The Secret Language which got me procrastinating on youtube for a few minutes. It’s funny how children are automatically entertaining when caught on camera. As one gets older you need to put on some sort of charm or wit to make things interesting. What do we lose on the way?!

Anyway, I thought I’d share what I saw…

  1. EDIT: I thought I’d squeeze in something I wrote as a comment below regarding this first video…

    I have this crazy notion (which I of course can’t back up) that babies are much more clued up as to the bigger meaning of it all (pity they are totally absorbed in understanding their new world, they forget this pure wisdom with time).

    They’ve come from somewhere much more in touch with everything, without any ego and they’ve been thrust into this foreign environment experiencing themselves for the first time in a new state of consciousness.

    Taking that into account, I believe the twins captured above are on the same wave-length and can communicate and understand eachother even without language. I don’t think their repetitive words mean anything on the surface level. I think they are both finding this new world of theirs very entertaining and they are reveling in the novel experiences it is offering them. We could all do with learning from little children.
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What are you thinking right now?

Go on share… you can comment anonymously! Maybe you have ideas about what I can do better? I’m new to this whole blogging business and could do with your advice.