Free-Thought Ramblings

Taking this post as inspiration I decided to do the same thing. Sorry about my spelling. I hope you can decipher it. It would be cheating if I tidied it up. Here it goes…

Right so I am going to continuously tupe without taking a break just writing what comes to mind no need for punctuation or fullstops just a continuous writing of words of thoughts its crazy how the mind keeps going I have faster thought than what my hands can type anyway I should stop talking about what I am doing and start writing ewhat I am thinking It’s craxy this life know one knows what it means. People learn knowledge which ends up not mattering. Something always replaces it. People think different things. People change. What was once acceptable is not anymore. Therefre the bible is an example of something outdate and irrelevant. I just don’t see why a man claiming to be god is a big thing. Many before him said similar things . It s like the church of the time decided that they would allow one craxy person to be pedastooled as god so that no more crazy people could do the same thing. Everyone before Jesus was invalidated as God and everyone after will be too. I think we are all God in our own way. I think we have a lot in common with the rest of nature and the present. There’s no reason that we should feel so alien to the rest of nature. Just like particles interact there are only movements and boundaries. Why do we end at the boundary of our skin. Whay do we see ourselves as something so separate. I don’t think animals think of themselves as separate. I don’t even think they are aware of themselves. That;s our problem consciuusness, It is the biggest problem. It also makes life entertaining though,. I think that;s all the point of life – entertainment. What else is the point? To live a good life so we can get jusged and then spend eternity in some place according to arelativelly few years on earth. Different people have been given different circumstances. How can that be fair? There can’t be a rational creator. I think there is an irrational presenc through out all existence who tries to interact with us but we choose to ignore it. We filter things out. We are stubborn a disease to the rest of nature. We think of ourselves as big but we are so so small. Why do we make the entire life about us and our experiences. It should be about the collective experiences we need to work together to make ti fun for all the creatures and nature ecosystems etc. Enough on religion what else can I thing about I donno I am getting tired of this now I sould stop

Thanks for reading my random ramblings. Please comment below. I am new to this blogging world and could do with some tips!



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