Hello world. Thanks for stopping by!

The subject matter of this blog you ask?… Any random thought has a chance of making it. I aim to be as unpredictable as possible.
The reason for this blog?… Simply to develop my skills in writing and to evolve my ideas. There’s no final goal in sight, I aim only to find enjoyment developing and sharing what I write.

A bit about me… I am opinionated without being stubborn. I welcome the chance to adapt my beliefs by considering what those around me have to say. Every person has value to add to those around them but often they are shut out due to others being hesitant of stepping out their comfort zones or due to some or other prejudices. Comfort to me is shallow. Change should be embraced in an ever-changing world and diversity should be encouraged in a world filled with unique individuals. Don’t be a follower, have confidence to do your own thing and have the chance to become a leader in it! But most of all, don’t let anyone tell you what you should think or feel or do, make your own damn mind up!

That turned into a bit of lecture. Sorry about that. But I suppose that sums me up. I like to give advice. Where I struggle is applying it to myself! But I am getting better and better as my beliefs become more and more compatible with the real me.

As for the nickname, Cheesy Deano… I wish I had a good story to tell! It started very randomly whilst on a summer camp. Waiting around (for what seemed a lifetime) between activities, the name was thrust upon me without any back-story. The inspiration was ‘Cheesy Beano’ which is beans mixed with beans… yummy! Even though it’s a pretty dire nickname, it’s catchy so I’ve adopted it for my blog. The best things in life happen randomly without any warning so I thought it fitting. I hope my Microsoft Paint effort at a logo suffices for the meantime. Graphic Design is something I hope to learn more about.

Some more facts concerning me:
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Education: Graduate
Occupation: University Admissions Consultant & Tutor
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Current residence: Cairo, Egypt


4 thoughts on “About

  1. This is better as bloggers who visit your blog, if they cannot immediately define what you are writing about, will click the about page to find out ‘what your about’. It’s also funny but serious with confident statements of your ‘random’ intent. I have a friend that studies at Durham as well!! 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time out to leave a comment!

      As for the Durham friend, maybe you can check if we are mutual friends by checking my facebook (think it’s listed when you hover over the little profile pic that appears along with this comment), I may know them… 🙂

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