A Random Memory from South Africa

I found this elsewhere on the internet, written by me in 2007. Excuse the poor quality. I think I’ve improved a little since then!

I remember one time in SA (danny!!!) We have microvan taxi’s which cram about 30people in a 10seater and I once had a bad experience with one. Was wit my friend and needed to get somewhere desperately. Decided to take a taxi – they lied and said they could take us somewhere but it was off their route and it was getting dark (ie If u are outside in a bad area like Cape Town Central U get stabbed for your money!)
The taxi then gave us the option to wait in the dusk at Cape Town station or pay 10times the usual fee to get where we wanted to be “off-duty”.
We were forced to play by their blackmail and then they proceded to smoke weed in the car while taking dangerous u turns in dangerous traffic at dangerous speeds!
But I survived and I have a story to tell so I guess it was worth it!!
Hows that for public transport!!!?

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