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25 Reasons to love South Africa

I know this is ancient news but many non South Africans won’t have been exposed to the Nando’s #25Reasons Ad campaign I have only just stumbled upon myself. It gives a humorous insight into life in South Africa, I thought you might enjoy…

#2 We love our National Anthem

#9 We have great Athletes

#15 We still tell stories around the camp fire

#24 We are so close to Europe

I originally thought all 25 would be available. Maybe I’ll get round to sharing the others, maybe I won’t. Have you experienced South Africa before? What would you add to the list?

Entertaining Babies

One of the blogs I am following posted The Secret Language which got me procrastinating on youtube for a few minutes. It’s funny how children are automatically entertaining when caught on camera. As one gets older you need to put on some sort of charm or wit to make things interesting. What do we lose on the way?!

Anyway, I thought I’d share what I saw…

  1. EDIT: I thought I’d squeeze in something I wrote as a comment below regarding this first video…

    I have this crazy notion (which I of course can’t back up) that babies are much more clued up as to the bigger meaning of it all (pity they are totally absorbed in understanding their new world, they forget this pure wisdom with time).

    They’ve come from somewhere much more in touch with everything, without any ego and they’ve been thrust into this foreign environment experiencing themselves for the first time in a new state of consciousness.

    Taking that into account, I believe the twins captured above are on the same wave-length and can communicate and understand eachother even without language. I don’t think their repetitive words mean anything on the surface level. I think they are both finding this new world of theirs very entertaining and they are reveling in the novel experiences it is offering them. We could all do with learning from little children.
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I recently commented on a post talking about looking forward to graduating and questioning whether further education really was the right thing to do. Since I can really relate to the problem I decided to include what I said into my own blog post, exploring what I said a bit further.


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Free-Thought Ramblings

Taking this post as inspiration I decided to do the same thing. Sorry about my spelling. I hope you can decipher it. It would be cheating if I tidied it up. Here it goes…

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