RIP Zach Sobiech

“It’s really simple actually. It’s just, try and make people happy. Maybe you have to learn with time. Maybe you have to learn it the hard way. But as long as you learn it, you’re going to make the world a better place.” – Zach Sobiech

From his documentary, My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech

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3739338937_0592b18ebd_zStudies have shown that casually browsing the internet while seeking new and exciting content for a prolonged duration of time (known as constant novelty) can lead to serious addiction, leaving you with…
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The Dream of Life

“If you awaken from this illusion, and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death — or shall I say, death implies life — you can conceive yourself. Not conceive, but feel yourself, not as a stranger in the world, not as someone here on sufferance, on probation, not as something that has arrived here by fluke, but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental. What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself. So, say in Hindu mythology, they say that the world is the drama of God. God is not something in Hindu mythology with a white beard that sits on a throne, that has royal perogatives. God in Indian mythology is the self, Satcitananda. Which means sat, that which is, chit, that which is consciousness; that which is ananda is bliss. In other words, what exists, reality itself is gorgeous, it is the fullness of total joy.”

Alan Watts

3 Ways to Immediately Live a More Fulfilling Life

I previously wrote a post mentioning a few creative activities that I think all people can find enjoyment in.

This post is much more structured than mine and gives a more detailed overview of the kind of thing I was touching on.

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westie painting leftoversHave you ever thought to yourself, “there must be more to this life?”

There is. You just have to figure out what it is.

Stop living your life absentmindedly, going through the motions, and self-medicating with food, alcohol, or illegal drugs. Stop hating your life each morning, swearing under your breath as you brush your teeth. Stop yelling at your spouse or kids because you are so stressed at work and stop being disgusted with yourself. The time to act is now. Grab a pen and piece of paper, and find out what you need in your life to be happier.

1. Do what you love. Stop what you don’t.

There’s no point wasting your time being miserable. Focus on what you enjoy in your life and make a strong effort to replace time-wasting activities with activities and hobbies that make you smile or lose track of time.

DO: Try…

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I recently commented on a post talking about looking forward to graduating and questioning whether further education really was the right thing to do. Since I can really relate to the problem I decided to include what I said into my own blog post, exploring what I said a bit further.


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Video-Quote of the day: It’s Worth it

This dude speaks the truth!

Video-Quote of the day: It's Worth it.

8 Free and Creative Activities to Make Life More Fulfilling

At the moment I’m almost all talk but I’ve recently become much more clear on what I want to do with my life. The reason I now believe I can do them is because I have decided that money is NOT the objective. Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I’m not saying money isn’t important. I’m saying that it’s only important for the basic life-essentials for you and your family. Instead of wasting what you don’t have on luxuries, spend some time taking part in these free activities either alone, as part of a local club or with friends and family. Have a quick watch of this inspirational video and then see if you agree after a bit of comtemplation.

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