8 Free and Creative Activities to Make Life More Fulfilling

At the moment I’m almost all talk but I’ve recently become much more clear on what I want to do with my life. The reason I now believe I can do them is because I have decided that money is NOT the objective. Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I’m not saying money isn’t important. I’m saying that it’s only important for the basic life-essentials for you and your family. Instead of wasting what you don’t have on luxuries, spend some time taking part in these free activities either alone, as part of a local club or with friends and family. Have a quick watch of this inspirational video and then see if you agree after a bit of comtemplation.

As soon as I let go of the idea that I should be chasing success, so many doors opened to me. I realised that I could make of my life what I wanted. I suddenly became much more free and clear-thinking. I’m now of the opinion that all people would benefit from exposure to this list of activities. There’s no need to become an expert in any of these activities. See them as a productive form of entertainment. Everyone has their own talent which should be identified and mastered in their own manner.

Please comment below if you feel you can add any more to the list. Or provide a reason why you might think what I have listed is invalid. The items listed are in no particular order.

  1. Writing

    I don’t just mean aquiring the ability to write. I mean taking joy in penning your thoughts every now and then. You don’t need to be good at it (eg, I’m very unpracticed at writing but I’m enjoying this). Most bloggers are already carrying this activity out quite regularly, proof that it’s extremely easy to get into. However, there’s no need to make your attempts public. You can even take good old fashioned pen to paper and get lost in your own world of creativity.


  2. Drawing

    The thought processes that your mind undergoes when you draw are very beneficial. It’s very easy and rewarding to pick up a pen and see what you can create. If you are rubbish like me, you can try a computerised form of drawing. Even messing around with standard Microsoft Paint can be beneficial. One open-source software package I would also recommend is Google Sketchup (Now called Trimble Sketchup). It allows you to create virtual 3D objects and it is very easy to learn. Nothing quite tops good old fashioned drawing when it comes to perceiving proportions. After continued practice you will see the world around you slightly differently.


  3. Acting

    This may terrify you as it does me. I have not tried this one yet but I think it would be a good skill to practice every now and then. Most areas have a local drama society or something similar. Acting in front of a large audience takes some guts and is not for everyone but dabbling in the basics will be an eye-opener.


  4. Programming

    Programming is a relatively new skill compared to the others. It is becoming more and more important in today’s society as computers control more and more of industry. Being able to control a computer is something relatively few people know how to do. By practicing programming (also known as coding) you develop a very different logic. Everyday problems appear much more solve-able. It is very easy to get involved in. There are plenty of free packages to download and many projects you can become involved in with the open-source community. I have learned MATLAB which is a high-level programming language, recommended if you want to get straight to the application without fussing with the computer-language nitty gritties (ie. it is more human readable). There is a free equivalent called GNU Octave. It is designed for certain Linux systems but there are ports to Windows and Mac. Once you are comfortable with a high level language and decide that you want to continue your exploration of programming I would recommend also developing your skills in a low-level, more manual but also more controllable programming language like C or C++. Have a quick view of this video for inspiration.

  5. Contemplating

    Many ideas about yourself only come to you when you spend time thinking alone. You can do this in combination with other everyday activities like showering, bathing, washing-up, etc. Creative ideas can easily be developed by doing nothing! There should be a balance between doing and thinking. If you don’t take a step back to have a think about your life you could fall in the trap of doing the same things in unfulfilled ways. Although some religions don’t believe in this (I don’t recommend doing anything you’re not comfortable with), I believe meditation is good for you. I don’t know much about it yet but it aims to relax your entire body by reaching a level of no-thinking. I have not reached that level of meditation yet but what I have experienced so far has been relaxing and very rewarding. You are given the opportunity to wish yourself and others well. It provides a sense of positivity and clarity. Contemplation, whether alone or in a group is a great way to become more fulfilled and it is creative in the way it develops ideas.


  6. Talking to Strangers

    Talking to strangers is another area which will terrify many. The trick is not to take yourself too seriously. Start to see life as a big play where everyone is playing a character. Some people are unaware they are playing a character though so you need to find a way of approaching them which will not scare them away! Life will immediately become more interesting once you take this on board. Some good tips can be found by clicking the following image.

    Talking to Strangers

  7. Mathematics

    Experience with Mathematics has a way of making every solution seeming solve-able. If you plan to take the programming suggested earlier on board, you will probably be exposed to enough basic maths. But programming tends to utilise only the very basic maths very frequently. There are plenty of mathematical concepts you can learn about through the internet. It can be very rewarding spending 10 minutes performing a calculation. The way it makes you think will have many positive effects to the rest of your life.


  8. Singing or Music-making

    Almost everyone likes listening to some sort of music. It is also very rewarding creating your own tunes or singing to yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your music creations with others you can easily hum to yourself or sing in the shower. If that sounds too embarrassing, there are plenty of software packages on the internet which allow you to put some beats together and create a simple melody. For example try downloading a demo of FL Studio or Reason 6 and have a play around. In the demo you are entitled to produce for as long as you want, you can even save your work but there is no facility to open your saved work.

    Creating Sound

    Creating Sound

5 thoughts on “8 Free and Creative Activities to Make Life More Fulfilling

  1. Hey,
    really enjoyed reading this! Great blog post. I agree with what you say, especially about programming which really opens up a new world and is very empowering. Good work!

    • Thanks very much. That is very encouraging since I’m new to blogging. I am recently very involved in MATLAB. I think programming will be a big part of my life. Once I am more experienced I will write more programming related posts! For now, I have a new little hobby venture called MATLABorate (MATLAB Collaboration). Hoping to get a community together to work on projects.

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